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Best Band from Earth

The Best Band from Earth is made up of multi-talented earthling performers of the finest pedigree. This space rock group has steadily been gaining a devout following among the very hip throughout the galaxy. Nothing but the good stuff for Best Band From Earth (BBFE) fans-- every song, album and output is different and probably unlike any you've heard!


A.D.M. - Lead Vocals / Everything else
Matt Black - Guitar / Vocals
Tom Meyers - Drums

Such exciting tunes such as Happy Land Crab, Forest Owls and Feelin' the Breeze are all among his singles to see chart action and there's no shortage of other groovy jams ready for release.
As A.D.M. explains it, "Music is my life and it has been good to me. It has been a tremendous comfort to me and to share my livelihood is the beauty of it."