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A Gun That Shoots Knives

A Gun That Shoots Knives is truly one-of-a kind! This is my kind of band because this group knows no limits and everything is possible when you Make Believe. Through the years they've acquired quite a collection of band-made costumes and has proven to their devout following that they will do Anything to get a good crowd high on their style of rock n roll. with pop n' rock and a bunch of other stuff too.


Stubby Abbot - Lead Vocals
Jeff Greenwood - Lead Guitar
Kurly Something - Lead Drums
Jimmy LaRue - Lead Bass
Scot Michael - Synths/ Guitar / Vocals/ Drums

Part ninja, superman, wizard and fairy tale come true, this Seattle 5-piece of glam rockers are not only devilishly handsome, but also deliver mind-blowing lyrics and glam rock sex appeal, putting the "crazy" back in "Crazy Beach" time!