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A Gun That Shoots Knives

A Gun That Shoots Knives is truly one-of-a kind! This is my kind of band because this group knows no limits and everything is possible when you Make Believe. Through the years they've acquired quite a collection of band-made costumes and has proven to their devout following that they will do Anything to get a good crowd high on their style of rock n roll. with pop n' rock and a bunch of other stuff too.


Stubby Abbot - Lead Vocals
Jeff Greenwood - Lead Guitar
Kurly Something - Lead Drums
Jimmy LaRue - Lead Bass
Scot Michael - Synths/ Guitar / Vocals/ Drums

Part ninja, superman, wizard and fairy tale come true, this Seattle 5-piece of glam rockers are not only devilishly handsome, but also deliver mind-blowing lyrics and glam rock sex appeal, putting the "crazy" back in "Crazy Beach" time!

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Bad Love

Are you ready? Bad Love is bringing it back to the days of 3 piece 'ol dirty rock n roll style to remind the people of the world that Rock ain't going nowhere. New album is in the works!


"Crawlin' Snake" Aun Backstrom - Guitars/Vocals
Ross "The Captain" Little - Bass, Idolatry
Nate "Six-Gun" Gallegos - Drums

Believers in transcendental energy will be electrified by this Seattle-based 3 piece group. The edgy guitar rifts are joined by a heavy bass and drum beat to create vibrations of screaming bent-notes and thumping rhythms in your universe. You may be reminded of the cosmic truth behind gritty blues rock. Every show presents a unique opportunity to reach self-actualization that rocks.

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Best Band from Earth

The Best Band from Earth is made up of multi-talented earthling performers of the finest pedigree. This space rock group has steadily been gaining a devout following among the very hip throughout the galaxy. Nothing but the good stuff for Best Band From Earth (BBFE) fans-- every song, album and output is different and probably unlike any you've heard!


A.D.M. - Lead Vocals / Everything else
Matt Black - Guitar / Vocals
Tom Meyers - Drums

Such exciting tunes such as Happy Land Crab, Forest Owls and Feelin' the Breeze are all among his singles to see chart action and there's no shortage of other groovy jams ready for release.
As A.D.M. explains it, "Music is my life and it has been good to me. It has been a tremendous comfort to me and to share my livelihood is the beauty of it."

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Chervona is a multi-ethnic, Russian and Eastern European-inspired band from Portland, Oregon established in 2006. They are best known for old world-inspired music and their highly energetic live shows.


Andre Temkin
Roman Tchamsky
Andrew Alikhanov
Thomas de Almeida
Anton Van Oosbree
Olimpia Trusty

Mixing together taste and passion of the best Gypsy, Russian, Ukrainian, klezmer and Balkan musical traditions, Chervona brings the fire of Eastern European carnivals to America. With their authenticity and genuine fire Chervona has stolen many hearts. Shining with their brass section and capturing soul with the traditional sounds of the old world and new interpretations, Chervona transforms a celebration into an ultimate party!

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Country Lips

Many, many years before the likes of Kenny Chesney, Brad Paisley, and Blake Shelton donned 10-gallon hats and began crooning about blue jeans and cheesy romance, country was the genre of choice for drunkards, rebels, and rockers. Seattle’s own Country Lips pay homage to that proud tradition.

Trevor Pendras - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Hamilton Boyce - Vocals, Electric Guitar
Alex Leake - Vocals, Guitar
Jonah Byrne - Fiddle
Kenny "Keyz" Aramaki - Piano
Miles Burnett - Drums/ Vocals
Austin "Sheriff" Jacobsen - Bass

Country Lips mixes honky-tonk twang, bluegrass harmonies, and tex-mex bounce. The gigs are parties and all the licks are above average. Get "Touched" before all your friends!

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Crazy Eyes

The unhinged, psych-pop freakout band, Crazy Eyes got its start in Seattle in 2012, quickly managing to build a cult following with mellow drone pop and elaborately orchestrated rock songs. From dizzying tracks that involve a live audience thrashing, to ballads that contemplate weighty issues, this band’s enthusiasm for creativity and spunk is what distinguishes them from others.


G. Kellen Grace - Piano / Vocals
Matt Leon - Guitar / Vocals
Warren Pease - Drums
A.D.M. SoulBot - Bass

Having already set the bar ridiculously high within the first year of touring the Northwest, Crazy Eyes is a highly entertaining act to watch and is sure to please your alternative rock taste buds. It's pretty early in the game to have a clear picture of what they've got up their sleeves next, but I can see this band as being a favourite for its high energy performances and indie charm.

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Hot Rod Carl

Hot Rod Carl is a Portland, OR punk band that revitalized this school of rock and roll at one of its lowest ebbs. Their music is infused with rebel energy, a brash attitude and loud, fast beat that exudes flames of fiery rock n' roll, while at the same time, maintaining a classic cool. They play everything you'd want to hear, only louder, faster and chunkier in all the right spots.


Jake Cline
Shanahan Doghouse
Mutt Harmon

The 3-piece quickly mastered a simple but extremely effective sound, blending old school punk, rockabilly and speedy, cool grooves. Their brief sets of rapid-fire, under-two-and-a-half-minute songs keep it real and to the point. Ever since their first appearance, they have been called revolutionary and there's no end in sight. Fire up your engines folks, the mighty Hot Rod Carl is here to get your gears running with their uncompromising guts, distinction and attitude.

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Hunter Valentine

Hunter Valentine is an alternative rock band formed in 2004 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. The girls met by chance in a bar and started talking music over beers. The result of that conversation is the edgy and erotic Hunter Valentine, formed in 2004, and later joined by “Vero” Sanchez in 2011.


Kiyomi McCloskey
Somer Bingham
Laura Petracca
Veronica Sanchez

It’s no secret that the hard-rockin’ musicians of Hunter Valentine like to play rough. Devilish drummer Laura Petracca, gritty guitarist and vocalist Kiyomi McCloskey, and badass bassist Veronica Sanchez are owning the road, playing more than 70 gigs in three months. The trio are joined on tour by guest guitarist and keyboardist Aimee Bessada. Let’s hope the conversation never ends as they take us along their journey from punk-ass rock to iconic girl band.

Record labels: Universal Music Group, Tommy Boy Records, True North Records

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Kinski is a four-piece rock band from Seattle, whose unique evocation of avant-rock is deconstructionist and heady, but also emotive and visceral. Kinski plays their own exciting version of modern Psych Rock, Space Rock, Krautrock, Post-Rock and Metal.


Bass - Lucy Atkinson
Guitar/Vocals - Chris Martin
Guitar/Keyboards - Matthew Reid Schwartz
Drums - Barrett Wilke

Kinski began playing live in Seattle, WA around 1998. By the summer of 1999, the trio had released its first record, Space Launch for Frenchie. The band has since recorded a number of album and continues to tour. Their unique evocation of avant-rock is deconstructionist and NME described the group's explosive rock sound as “Like Sabbath in a washing machine during a power surge.”

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Mystery Ship

Mystery Ship is a rock and roll band that draws from 1960s and 1970s influences. These four musicians somehow all ended up in Seattle, coming from completely different parts of the U.S. Since finding each other, they've turned up their guitars and have been gettin’ loud ever since.


Michael Wohl - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Josh Kupferschmid - Rhythm Guitar
Alex Hagenah - Bass, Vocals
Travis Curry - Drums

Sharing a firm commonality of influences, the hearts and minds of Mystery Ship combined in 2011, putting together a sound that is fresh, familiar, fearless and always energetic. The band encompasses the style, structure and finesse laid out by the masters of classic psychedelic rock before them, bursting with slick guitar licks, jamming bass riffs, distorted vocals and heavy drums. There are hints of the passionate, rough-hewn vocals of Neil Young, Crazy Horse and Yardbirds, the big blues rock rhythms and riffs of Zeppelin and Black Sabbath, along with wild whirls of lead guitars reminiscent of Jeff Beck Group or Band of Gypsys.

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Nigel Mustafa

Nigel Mustafa is a tidal wave of reggae-laced energy. No, they aren't bearded statues with instruments, they're really crowd rawkers who know that folks who lay their crumpled dollars down are there to shake their money makers, feel a connection with a great band and talk about the show for days.


Stevie P - Guitar, Vocals, Sax
Anton Beck - Bass
Jake Beck - Drums
Billy Boy Keaton - Vocals, Lead Guitar
Jacob Bieber-Wikan - Keyboards

"Some bands have concept albums -- we're a concept band," says lead vocalist Steve Parris, who with his bandmates has been putting looks of extreme confusion on the faces of unsuspecting taverngoers since 1998. "The whole thing is just about having fun and entertaining people and being so irreverent that people realize it's just innocent," Parris says. "It's so far over the top. We call it 'upliftingly inappropriate. It's in the Spinal Tap, Tenacious D realm of ridiculousness. It's so ridiculous that very few people are actually offended."

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Choo Choo MoFo's!

NighTrain's a locomotive punk rock girl group that's here to knock you out! Raw and rockin', this sassy 4-piece has got a whole lotta Heavy Soul to go. These ladies came to party and will get their Afropunk groove all over you.


Rachel Ferguson - Lead Vocals
Taryn Dorsey - Drums/ Vocals
Nicole Peoples - Guitar/ Vocals
Selena Whitaker-Paquiet - Bass/ Vocals

Unrelenting from the start, Nightrain has been performing live, throwing parties and are quickly gaining steam throughout the West coast and beyond. 'The Situation' (see our video :-P ) will be appearing on the band's sophmore album, currently scheduled for release in summer 2012 by US -- the Heavy Souls/Hooked on Wax team.

We'd really like to get this on vinyl, so we're hoping to get their new EP financed and pressed. Stay tuned!

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Orchestre L'Pow!

Who needs Burlesque dancers when you got these boys to play you some jazzy lounge cabaret music? Go cat go!


Dain Hudson - Skins, Ringleader
Sean Hudson - The Big Wood, Wailin'
Nick "Big Daddy" O'Donnell - Swingin' 6-String, Croonin'
Ralph Huntley - Ticklin' the Ivories
Monte Skillings - Trombonitude
Scott Johnston - Moanin' Sax

Emerging from the heart of Seattle’s burgeoning burlesque scene, Orchestre L’Pow! was founded by veteran drummer Dain Hudson, who keeps the big beat together and combines the mighty talents, Cabaret Jazz and Post-Punk energy of individual members to evoke a steamy underworld of fuzz guitar, doghouse bass, gut-moaning sax and throbbing polyrhythms.

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Professor Gall

Stompbox and banjo in hand, Professor Gall & his backing band of fearless and occasionally lucid luminaries growl and sing sweet melodies in the night, blending cool jazz, grizzled blues, Americana and an unmistakable Tin Pan Alley style.


Drew Norman - Vocals, Banjo, Rhythm
Scott Johnston - Tenor saxophone
Monte Skillings - Trombone
Todd Burba - Clarinet, Accordion
Sean Hudson - Stand-up bass
Jake Pegg - Tuba
Andrew Clarinet - Clarinet

His music is a marvel, dedicated to all the lost souls who roam the dark, crooked streets. A black top hat speaks for dark eyes that never stray from its target. Often singing through a megaphone and keeping time with a self-made stomp box, Professor Gall is a wonder, casting melodies of bittersweet memories, booze and other things that go crawling in the night. He has long championed the strong, sultry and seductive sound of Portland's Underground sound, with unique instrumentation that adds to the mysterious, abrupt and haunting calls for individualism, peace, whiskey and more fun at funerals.

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Queen Caveat

What’s sexier than a front woman who can strut her stuff? Easy. It’s a band that’s a hard rocking and hardworking total package.


Lauren Little
Ben Epand
Will Weissman
Jesse Magnuson

The band name was born after hearing the word "caveat" (or "warning, beware") uttered by an admiring fan after one of the band's early stage shows, which are notoriously rowdy and raucous.

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Rocksteady Seven

David Hillyard & The Rocksteady 7 are an influential ska and reggae fusion band formed in 1998. Based in New York, the seven piece ensemble mixes instrumental Jamaican “roots” rhythms of early ska jazz music.


Dave Hillyard - Sax
Larry McDonald - Percussion and Vocals
Eddie Ocampo - Drums
Dan Jeselsohn - Bass
David Wake - Organ
Justin Rothberg - Guitar
Phil Cooper - Trombone

The Rocksteady 7 is famous worldwide for a distinct sound that combines early reggae with a New Orleans jazz feel. The all-star cast of musicians revisit the early sound Jamaica’s top producers and improvisational jazz artists to cultivate a whole new Caribbean-infused music style like none other.

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Sir Coyler and His Asthmatic Band

The Asthmatic sound comes from a short-winded, California-braised chump, Sir Coyler. No true royalty here though, folks. The beer-gutted record geek assembles drinking buddies to help him spit out song fragments at bars around the Northwest. Fans of primal 60s punk and 90s raunch may enjoy the reverb-heavy crunch, or they may think it's lame.

Sir Coyler,
Swister Von Swister,
Doctor George,
Con Man,
The Jester

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For years, the indie rockers known as Solvents have soldiered on with their own brand of honest, understated, heartfelt songs, masterfully crafted through new experiences playing together. Their folk and blues influenced music combines elements of heavy guitar, deep, resonant violin and driving drums to charge listeners with an intense, emotional state of profound, unconscious realization and relaxation.


Jarrod Paul Bramson - Vocals, Guitar, piano, Drums
Emily Madden - Vocals, Violin
Sasha Landis - Drums

Solvents are a rock group from Port Townsend in the state of Washington. They have been together since 2001, having toured multiple times in Europe. Solvents’ influences range from Gram Parsons, to Husker Du, from Nirvana, to The Beatles from Big Star and The Replacements.

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The Debonaires

This California-based crew of exceptional musicians are The Debonaires, serving up a stellar mix of Jamaican Ska songs you may remember from way back when! Get ready to be swept away by an emerging tide of this new wave of reggae fusion, blending the best of ska, jazz, punk and funk elements.


Kip Wirtzfeld - Vocals/Sax
Tom Cook - Trombone
Dave Sakover - Sax
Marques Crews - Trumpet
Mike Presser - Lead Guitar
Mano Mirande - Rhythm Guitar
Ryan Tomazin - Keys
Jason Napayon - Bass
Woody Diaz - Drums

The Debonaires released their first album Groovin’ After Sundown in 1998, and have since released three additional albums: Debonaires (2001), Longshout (2005), and Movin' (2013). The band has been featured on numerous compilations throughout the US and Europe and continues to tour, paying tribute to the classic sounds of early Jamaican Ska, Rocksteady and Reggae.

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The Longshots

Better get ready for some great rockin' steady music! The Longshots are a 6-piece roots reggae band from Eugene, OR here to make heads nod and hips shake. This home-grown Oregon ensemble tastefully combines ska, jazz, soul and RnR to create a SKA-full musical force to be reckoned with.


Shane Connor - Vocals/ Keys/ Alto Sax/ Harp
Devin Wright - Tenor sax
Blake Hoshibata - Guitar, Backing vox
Tom Wade - Bass
Justin Canfield - Trombone
Ben Hampton - Drums

The Longshots are a Portland and Eugene Oregon-based roots reggae and ska band. The group got its name from a song by The Pioneers about a race horse called “Longshot kicked de bucket”. Since 2008, this soulful roots reggae ensemble strives to bring back that classic Jamaican sound that goes down smooth!

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The Paradimes

The Paradimes are an English reggae band that formed in Leicester, United Kingdom in 2011 by members of Stiff Naked Fools and El Pussycat ska.


Guxy Guy - vocals, lead guitar and harmonica
Chris Blankley – vocals and piano
Lisa Matusiewicz – vocals and keyboards
Drew Stansall – tenor saxophone
G-Funk – vocals and trumpet
Tom White – bass guitar
Dave Sachetti – drums
Bongo Karl Brown – percussion

Instrumentally, the group's original songs are inspired by the sound of early Jamaican music, combining elements of Soul music with skanking one drop rhythms, Gospel vocal harmonies and tight brass rifts.

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The Revivers

Keep cool with The Revivers soulful reggae! This ramblin' rude boy group is bringing back the boss sound, playing new and well-loved hits from the not-so-distant past. Get down and groove to the cool riddim of The Revivers reggae vibes!


Tony Greene - Lead Vocals
Brent Lobo - Drums
Mano Mirande - Rhythm Guitar
Mike Presser - Lead Guitar
Mark Cummings - Bass
Tom Cook - Organ/ Piano/ Trombone

This Riverside California-based ensemble of veteran musicians from the southern California Ska/Reggae scene boasts an unmatched dedication to reviving the sounds of early Jamaican Reggae from the late 60’s and early 70’s. Since the band re-formed in 2009, much of the lost treasures of early roots reggae and rocksteady is echoed in The Revivers' smooth renditions of classic hits and obscure rarities.

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The Whiskey Avengers

This 5-piece reggae rock group from can be found in the very darkest of corners, clubs and streets of California playing dark, yet upbeat music filled with fatalistic tales of doom, debauchery, tough love and redemption. The Whiskey Avengers will strong-arm any unsuspecting listener with scandalous swagger and tantalizing grit. One listen will turn anyone into a fan, singing along to the haunting highs and memorable melodies of this Jamaican Rock n' Roll band.


Stefan Meissner - Vocals, Guitar
Clint Westwood - Vocals, Bass
Lee Pardini - Keys
Kevin Higuchi - Drums
Kyle - Electric Guitar

Presiding near the zoos of San Diegos, the renegade reggae outfit known as The Whiskey Avengers is not afraid to flex their musical muscles. Boasting the big boss sound, the band keeps things upbeat with a little bit of Soul and Rock n' Roll, lending itself to multiple generations of castaways and bad apples all over the globe.

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Thee Emergency

This electrifying unit of mop–top music-makers are known for bringing on a fierce frenzy of rock n’ roll laced with nitroglycerine for the soul. Be prepared for amp-bursting guitar solos, soul grabbing vocals, mixed with a dash of psychedelia with these dynamic and non-stop rockin', boppin' heavy souls!


Dita Vox - Vocals, Percussion
Matt “Sonic” Smith - Guitar
Tom T. Drummer - Drums
A.D.M. SoulBot - Bass

Since 2004 Thee Emergency has specialized in serving Seattle with a classic rock and roll sound, combining elements of garage, psychedelic, punk rock and old school soul. The 4-piece band has toured nationally and stolen the show, playing alongside a number of acts including The Dirtbombs, The Black Lips, Common Market, Ghostland Observatory, Devotchka, Portugal. The Man, The Go and The Horrors.

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